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On daily reflections…

Welcome to Daily Reflections

New format. Same content.

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I’ve been blessed with the task of writing weekly devotions at Vineyard Boise for about a decade now. At the beginning, it was primarily in a printed format with binders for each book study. Over the past year or two we’ve tried to make the switch to email. We refined the four pieces of the puzzle into the four “R’s” of reflect, receive, relate, respond. Originally we conceived of these 4 R’s as representing four documents that would go into a binder. Now we see them as four parts of intentionally processing truth on a daily basis. This blog is just another means of access to help us engage in this process. We’re trying to get away from long PDFs and emails with links to click to get to them. We’re trying to be more direct and intentional, to have each daily reflection a bit more succinct and compact. And accessible.

Here is what you’ll find in the “about this blog” tab on the home page:


It’s the heart of what Vineyard Boise is all about.

Connecting with God.
Connecting with the Word.
Connecting with one another.

And living a transformed life as a result of being in Christ.

That’s the purpose of Daily Reflections. Five reflections sent out each week, Monday through Friday. Each with a four-beat rhythm:

  • Reflect
    A section of Scripture to read, to ponder, to meditate upon. Read it aloud. Compare other translations. Just sit with it a bit. Soak in it.
  • Receive  
    Some devotional thoughts on the day’s Scripture reading.
  • Relate
    A question (usually with a few layers) to help you relate the passage to your life.
  • Respond
    A prayer that may help you get moving towards practical application by making space for God to move in your life.

Questions and comments are welcome.

Please join the journey…

That is our heart, that you will join the journey. It is our prayer that these daily reflections, whether you access them here, on the church website, via email or with a hard copy, will help advance this process of personal and collective discipleship, will deepen the work of God in each of us, will be part of the process of us “beholding the glory of God in the face of Jesus” as we journey together through whatever study is at hand.

bible-reading-guy-782907So please do join the journey…