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About this blog

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It’s the heart of what Vineyard Boise is all about.

Connecting with God.
Connecting with the Word.
Connecting with one another.

And living a transformed life as a result of being in Christ.

That’s the purpose of Daily Reflections. Five reflections sent out each week, Monday through Friday. Each with a four-beat rhythm:

  • Reflect
    A section of Scripture to read, to ponder, to meditate upon. Read it aloud. Compare other translations. Just sit with it a bit. Soak in it.
  • Receive  
    Some devotional thoughts on the day’s Scripture reading.
  • Relate
    A question (usually with a few layers) to help you relate the passage to your life.
  • Respond
    A prayer that may help you get moving towards practical application by making space for God to move in your life.

Questions and comments are welcome.

Please join the journey…



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