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time to simplify

Hey, readers.

Thank you for reading and following.
Most people who read these are doing so through subscribing for free on the church website and then getting the same content emailed to them automatically. I’m thinking I’m just going to close this outlet and direct you to that same source. Just another step towards simplifying things in a new season of my life.

Writing these daily devotions continues to be a work of my heart and soul – as does tending to souls, pursuing conversations, and reading books (and reading books has really been lagging behind of late!). Formatting and posting those daily devotions hasn’t been┬átremendously time-consuming, but it’s another hour during the week that could be given to other these other pursuits.

So, time to simplify.

Go to our website.
Get on the subscription list.
You’ll have access there to the videos we make each week to accompany these written devotions, too.

Yes, time to simplify.
And perhaps that can be my final question on this blog, offered for your reflection: in what areas of your own life is it time (or past time!) to simplify – to eliminate redundancies and duplications and streamline your life just bit?

What’s stopping you from doing it?


60s Mike