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glad to take him on board | John 6.21

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Then they were glad to take him into the boat, and immediately the boat was at the land to which they were going. John 6.21 | ESV

Then they were quite happy to take him on board – and the funny thing is, no sooner was he on board than the found themselves bumping shore on the other side of the lake. MAV (Mike’s Amplified Version)

“They were glad to take him into the boat.” I love understatement.

Let’s rewind and survey this entire scene.

Five thousand plus people are miraculously fed in the miracle of the loaves and fish. Pandemonium breaks out among the Passover pilgrim crowd who are sure their messianic ship has just docked, and they’ve got front row seats. They try for a quick coronation, Adonijah style, but Jesus turns his back on them and heads back up the mountain to pray after sending the disciples back across the lake away from all the hysteria so they can come down from must have been the ultimate messianic caffeine-high. Yes, a frustrating night spent fruitlessly fighting a contrary-wind should do the trick.

Did they wonder at all, do you suppose, during that night that no doubt seemed like an eternity, just why he had sent them out in that boat, and just where he was and why he wasn’t with them?

And now with nerves shot, tempers lost, strength gone and faith sunk, up strolls a ghost. No wait, it’s Jesus. And he’s walking on the water right through the wind and waves that have been stymieing them the livelong night – in fact, he’s got so much momentum that he looks like he’s going to race right past them.

Yes, we’re glad to have such a One to join our crew, any day of the week – and twice on Sunday.

You bet they were glad to take him into the boat.

Funny how we so faithfully pray for Jesus to bless our efforts, to “guide our bark aright,” to give us strength as we man the oars, courage as we face the storm, perseverance as we go against the wind, vision as we strain to see the far shore, when all the while he would simply step into the boat to be with us, and, upon doing so, show us that we’re already there.

Where in your life do you need to set aside the oars and simply welcome Jesus into the boat with you?

Lord, I’m tired of these oars. I am. Please. Step into the boat of my life this day, and take this boat to the shores you would intend – and may I be glad for it – and for you. Through Christ.

walking on water by melanie ewing

walking on water by melanie ewing


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