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Shadow Voices | Galatians 5:7-10

Reflection 53 of 70


You were doing so well in this invigorating marathon run of faith in Jesus – so who put a roadblock in front of you detouring you away from the clear voice of Truth? Think! That’s not Jesus. Abba’s voice wouldn’t lure you off track like this. A smooth-talking shadow voice that works like yeast spreading through the whole mass of your mind, infecting everything – that’s what’s at work here. But in my gut – no, in the Lord! – I know it’s not too late for you! I know you can still clear your head and see straight again. But as for that slippery, devious shadow voice that has caused all this fuss? He will pay. Through the nose. In spades. And I don’t care who he is or how many books he’s written.  Galatians 5:7-10 MAV


“The sheep follow him, for they know his voice; a stranger they will not follow. They will flee from him, for they do not know the voice of strangers” (John 10:4-5). I recall hearing a tourist to Israel recounting how he saw several flocks thoroughly, hopelessly mixed together at a well in the Holy Land. But when it was time, the different shepherds simply gave their distinctive call – and the sheep sorted themselves right out, each drawn to the voice of its own shepherd. So Jesus said it was with him as the Good Shepherd. And so Paul says it should be with the Galatians. But it’s not. Total strangers called out to them and they shuffled right over to them. Of course, Paul doesn’t use the analogy of sheep, but of runners in a marathon who are lured off the marathon path into what was anything but a divine detour. Who are these guys? Why are you listening to them? Their voice in itself gives them away. The Galatians should have known better. Smooth-talking shadow voices. Paul says it’s a voice like yeast, “working through the whole batch of dough” – working through the whole mass of their mind. Ultimately there’s only One Voice we listen to, and it’s a voice we learn to listen for everywhere because it frequently pops up in unexpected places – even as it’s often absent from the places and faces we would most expect.


When listening to others, how easy or difficult is it for you to recognize the voice of Jesus, of Truth?
How can we develop a greater sensitivity to the Divine Voice in our daily lives?


Lord, teach me to listen for and recognize your voice and, when I hear it, give me the grace respond as the young boy Samuel did: “Speak, Lord. Your servant is listening.”

Additional Reading
The whole text this week is Galatians 5:1-15. Read it daily in it’s entirety from a few different translations if possible.

For all of this week’s resources on Galatians including this week’s DG video on Galatians, check out the Vineyard website.



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