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Daily Reflection: The Great Leveler | Galatians 3:28-29

Reflection 37 of 70


Which means there is no longer Jew or Greek (no more ethnic/religious divide), no slave or free (no more social walls), no male or female (no more gender barriers), because Christ Jesus is the great leveler and unifier of one common humanity. Which means you are so owned by Christ; which means further you are so totally in the family of Abraham; which means, finally, you are all in line for the goods promised to and through Abraham all those centuries ago.    Galatians 3:28-29  |MAV


Pyramid. Caste. Status. Hierarchy. It’s a human thing. Pretty much every culture, every continent, every century finds a way to segregate and categorize humanity into separate compartments. The Haves and the have nots. The young and the old. Black and white. Left and Right. Gay and straight. Jew and gentile. Male and female. There is no end to our creativity in coming up with ways to keep each other (and God!) at bay. Life becomes a game of knowing your place, or, if you are bold and want to buck the system, of changing the rules and jumping tracks. One of the most radical implications of Jesus plus nothing is how he effectively levels the entire field of humanity. All the barriers we put between each other, all the cultural, religious, social, and political divides fall to the ground, meaningless. Not that we are now forced into some dreadful, Borg-like conformity where everyone has to be the same. If we learn anything from creation it’s the manifold diversity and hues that surround us. The Author of creation is the Author of intense, passionate and complementing diversity! Jesus isn’t about monotonous sameness either in form or function. He unleashes all humanity onto the vast playing field of a new creation in which all can shine in the unique ways waiting to be unfolded from within each of us. To behold this is to behold the Glory.


What cultural, social, religious, political walls need to come down in your life? How are you holding others at arm’s length? How are others keeping you at bay? How is God calling you to invite the Great Leveler into your life?


Lord, tear down these walls I cherish, these walls I hide behind, these walls that hide others from my view. Come, great Leveler, into my life and do your great leveling work in me, through me. In Jesus.

Additional Reading
During these next weeks we are processing Galatians 3-4, be making your way through Abraham’s story in Genesis 12-25. This week you might also tack on Exodus 19-24.

For all of this week’s resources on Galatians including this week’s DG video on Galatians, check out the Vineyard website.



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