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Daily Reflection: Pedagogue | Galatians 3:23-25

Reflection 35 of 70


But before the curtain rose on the faithful doing and dying of Jesus, the Law served as humanity’s prison warden, faithfully standing guard until the faithful Messiah showed and anted up. Or, to try another picture, the Law served as bus driver – and bus – bringing us to the divine schoolroom that is Jesus so we could begin learning the abc’s of quiet trust and find our feet in God. And now that we have arrived in the schoolroom of faith, we can get off the bus!  Galatians 3:23-25  |MAV


“And Paul was dialoguing daily in the schoolroom of Tyrannus” (see Acts 19:9). Schole (sko-lay) translated “lecture hall” or, well, “school.” It literally refers to a place of leisure, a place free from labor and deadlines, from pressures and stress. Perhaps the best English equivalent is “hang out.” Sounds like the Greeks knew a thing or two about education – a thing or two we could probably stand to learn in our culture. Paul says the Law was our “schoolmaster” in the classic translation. The Greek word is the word from which we get our word pedagogue. The pedagogue typically was a slave in a more well-to-do Greek household into whose care the child was entrusted. Think Jiminy Cricket. The pedagogue passed on some key life lessons as he walked with child, protected him from danger and distractions, and made sure he made it to the schole where the child could finally sit at the teacher’s feet in a place of leisure and the real learning could take place. The Law is the school bus in our culture. It gets us to the real School so we can learn from the real Teacher. Lessons of God, of grace, of love, of faith. Time to get off the bus, people, and join the ultimate student body at his feet.


Does Christianity feel more like a classroom in our culture with its assignments, homework, finals, pressure, and stress? Or is it a place of leisure and learning, of absorbing the truth of God? What would you say is the key to it being more of the latter and less of the former?


Jesus, let me not have to be pried out of the bus – let me eagerly run to join the circle of disciples sitting at your feet. Thank you for making space for me in that circle. Show me the way to find leisure with you there today.

Additional Reading
During these next weeks we are processing Galatians 3-4, be making your way through Abraham’s story in Genesis 12-25. This week you might also tack on Exodus 19-24.

For all of this week’s resources on Galatians including this week’s DG video on Galatians, check out the Vineyard website.



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