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Daily Reflection: No Brainer | Galatians 3:1-3

Reflection 26 of 70

N O   B R A I N E R    


O Galatians – stupid, stupid, STUPID! Just whose Kool-Aid have you been drinking? Obviously someone has hypnotized you and you’ve lost your mind. Christ on a cross crucified, and all that means for us, was plastered all over a huge billboard right before your faces (and you bought in, totally!) – and you’re replacing that with an image of a circumcising knife? Tell me one thing, please: Was it a religious system with its rules and rituals that initiated you into a Spirit-filled life, or a simple hearing of the Savior that opened up everything to you? Are you this dense? Really? You shot out of the blocks with the mind-blowing experience of the Spirit and now, like a runner taking on weights in the middle of the race, you’re settling for a system to get you to the finish line? Why would you switch gears like this?
Galatians 3:1-3  |MAV


The word “stupid” stings. “Foolish” perhaps fairs little better. But “stupid” stings. And I repeat it three times in the MAV rendering just because I feel Paul’s passion and frustration in the word. All caps really are a must too. The word Paul used is anoetai (ah-know-ay-tie) and it means, essentially, “no brainer.” Which is what this whole scenario should be. You start off paralyzed, immobilized by chains and shackles, and then, suddenly, you are free! Movement, direction, blood flowing, life coursing through you as you run! Only to take, not refreshing water from a bystander, but a whole set of weights that he assures you will really get you in the race. No brainer. But this is the exchange the Galatians made. And we do too, don’t we? So many of us start with the Savior, we feel the freedom, we begin moving and living and finding our being in him only to end up under the dead-weight of a system of performance and rules that simply exchanges one kind of paralysis with another that’s even more deadly. Bad exchange. Bad Kool-Aid. Why would we switch gears like this?


Why instead of throwing off weights do we have such a tendency to keep picking them up as we run the race of life and faith? What weights are you trying to run with now that you really need to throw off? How can you do this?


Jesus, thank that you offer to wear a relational yoke with me that empowers healthy movement rather than a set of weights that restricts and shuts me down. Let me run free in you today! Amen.

Additional Reading
Galatians divvies up nicely into three parts; chapters 3-4 are what I call the “thinking part.” Read both chapters in one sitting. At least once this week. Or twice.

For all of this week’s resources on Galatians including this week’s DG video on Galatians, check out the Vineyard website.



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